Month: January 2019

Contour Next BG meters

We’re still seeing a lot of confusion in the market about what a “Contour Next” meter can do. To save myself from repetition I’m putting this information down in one clear place. There are currently four BG meters in Australia that use Contour Next strips. They all have different features! Contour Next Small. Uses two …

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Another CGM!

Continuous Glucose Monitoring is an immensely useful tool for anyone with diabetes. Unfortunately the cost and complexity puts it out of reach of the majority, but these issues should change over time. Especially with the introduction of new technologies. There are three major “CGM” systems available in Australia at the moment. Dexcom has their G5, …

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Summer heat!

In a recent article (“Have I cooked my insulin?“) I wrote about safe handling of insulin, including how long I leave it in my pump. While I was away in Uganda it seems there were some nasty heatwaves here at home. Now I’m back, and noticing that tomorrow (Friday) is going to be a stinker. The insulin …

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