Summer heat!

In a recent article (“Have I cooked my insulin?“) I wrote about safe handling of insulin, including how long I leave it in my pump.

While I was away in Uganda it seems there were some nasty heatwaves here at home. Now I’m back, and noticing that tomorrow (Friday) is going to be a stinker. The insulin in my pump will be 4 days old at that point (I last refilled it in transit at Dubai airport). Normally I would use it for 6 days, but if the temperatures are well over 40˚C tomorrow I may discard and replace it as a precaution.
That’s what I get for living in a house without air-conditioning I suppose…

Keep in mind that the Cellnovo and Tandem pumps may alarm based on the heat, but even the insulin in other pumps may suffer.

Be careful out there in the heat!

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