AndroidAPS 2.5

This week an update to the AndroidAPS open source looping software was released, and it brings some significant new features. The version number has progressed from the previous 2.3 to 2.5.0.

One major new function is support for all the same Medtronic pumps as supported by OpenAPS. Using a 916 MHz RileyLink (exactly as used by the iPhone-based Loop software) AndroidAPS now supports these Medtronic Paradigm insulin pumps:

  • Veo 754/554 (for the CA versions sold in Australia the firmware needs to be 2.7A or earlier)
  • Revel 723/523 (US models: the firmware needs to be 2.4A or earlier)
  • 722/522
  • 715/515
  • 712/512

All of these pumps are supported using the full suite of AndroidAPS/OpenAPS features, including SMBs! Note that the 712/512 pumps have not been supported by Loop, and this will open up opportunities for quite a few new loopers.

This update also opens up new opportunities for Loop users to try other flavours of looping.¬†Of course AndroidAPS 2.5 also still supports the DANA R and RS pumps, along with the Accu-Chek Combo (and the Insight which we don’t get in Australia).

I’ve taken this opportunity to update this site’s Closed-loop pumps in Australia article, spelling out the current options for setting up DIY loop systems.

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