CGM Subsidy updates – dribs and drabs

It looks like things are happening in the background regarding the expansion of the NDSS CGM Subsidy.

A new note on the NDSS website mentions:

From 1 July 2022, information will be available on the NDSS website to provide guidance for people with type 1 diabetes and health professionals. The process to apply for access to subsidised products will depend on whether a person has used CGM or Flash GM before (either accessed through the NDSS or directly from a product supplier).

My guess is that if we want to register for a CGM type for which the distributor (AMSL, Abbott, or Medtronic) recognises us as an existing customer, our registration may be streamlined and we might not have to see an HCP to get forms completed.

At the same time, I expect that we will still have to go through that if we:

  • Are registering for a different CGM type, or
  • Have not used CGM or Libre before, or
  • Have not purchased directly from the distributor in recent history.
    For example people who may have bought directly from pharmacies, from overseas, or secondhand.

There are of course customer data privacy protections in place both at NDSS and at the distributors, so we presumably will have to agree to share our identity between those parties to verify our status.

But if it means the system doesn’t get bottlenecked by the need for extra forms and medical appointments for many of us, and we get access to CGM faster by just completing forms online, then I suspect that most people would be prepared to allow that.

Roll on Friday, and we’ll find out!

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