Basal increments in pumps

The features of insulin pumps differ between models, but there are many similarities and it’s usually not too hard to change to a different model. But one subtle but confronting difference can be the way we can set a basal profile of insulin delivery. However adjusting to a new method is usually not a hard …

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Sydney DIY APS build day, February 2018

This weekend marked another first! An afternoon DIY closed-loop community build meeting was held in North Sydney. Like our┬árecent 2-day Melbourne event, people using or interested in using DIY closed-loop insulin pump technology gathered to support each other. The event was organised through the Australian/NZ looping group on Facebook, and while we all interact with …

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AAA batteries for insulin pumps – updated data

I’ve previously written a fairly detailed analysis of the performance of various AAA batteries in Medtronic insulin pumps being used in a closed-loop setup (the frequent radio traffic shortens the battery life significantly from when the pump is operating in standalone mode). In the 8 weeks since that post I have continued to collect data …

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