Waterproofing the Libre Reader

I have used the Abbott Libre “Flash GM” glucose monitoring system since June 2016, so I’ve built up some tricks along the way. I figured I should record some of them for posterity…..

Abbott’s Libre Reader (scanner) is a fairly critical piece of equipment. Not only do you use it to scan readings off your sensor (unless you’re using some other hardware to do that), it is used to initialise each newly-fitted sensor.┬áIt also acts as a blood meter to test for glucose and ketones.

I lost one Reader in the Qatari desert, so after that I kept a Tile tracker with it. I started with one of the generic silicone covers for the Reader, which give it some “bounce protection”. I got mine from my friends at RockaDex.

I then cut out a hole in the back and inserted the Tile:

But it wasn’t going to stay there by itself. So I simply put it back into the waterproof carrier (designed for phones) that I kept the Reader in:

I got that clear waterproof sleeve at a local camping shop. With this the Reader is completely protected from dust/dirt/water, and only needs to be removed from that sleeve to use the test-strips on the bottom or the USB port on the side. I would take it out and download/recharge every few weeks.

Using the Tile app on my phone I can see where my phone last “saw” the Reader, and as long as it’s nearby at the press of a button I can make it bleep and ring from wherever it’s hiding.

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    1. FIVE YEARS AGO I bought that pouch from Aussie Disposals, at a store which no longer exists (the chain does). It’s branded Go Travel, but I can’t see any similar products in their portfolio now.

      I’m sure there are similar pouches and stores in many locations across the world.

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