World Diabetes Day – November 14

Various events are being held around the globe to mark November 14: World Diabetes Day. At Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne’s west, there will be a T1D patient peer support event on the 14th entitled “How far away is the artificial pancreas?“.

There will be three main speakers: two involved with the current Australian trials of the Medtronic 670G pump, and myself talking about the DIY options for closed-looping. There will also be displays and representatives from Diabetes Victoria, JDRF, Danii Foundation, and HypoActive along with pump, CGM, and meter suppliers.

This is an evening event, running from 18:00 – 20:30 (6-8:30). It’s free, but attendance is capped at 200 people. So if you would like to attend, call Lorraine at the hospital on 03 83450860 to book your place.

I’m honoured to have been asked to present at this event. It’s very exciting to be able to show more people some of the magic which may be within their reach!

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