Month: May 2018

Medtrum A6 TouchCare pump

I’ve previously mentioned the Medtrum patch pump which received TGA approval for supply in Australia in February 2018, although we don’t yet know if anyone’s going to actually bring this to market. The pump is part of the A6 TouchCare System. Medtrum have a standalone “S6” CGM, and standalone “P6” patch pump, and the A6 system …

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Another “new” insulin for Australia

In April there was big news as Sanofi’s long-acting Toujeo U300 insulin was added to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and thus became accessible to many people. It had received TGA approval some time beforehand and was available under private prescription, but the cost was significant. But at the time I failed to mention another new …

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Crossing the Drake

Is your insulin pump waterproof? What does that actually mean?

Insulin pumps are devices we continually wear, continuously administering a life-saving drug. Too little or too much, and our lives are in danger. So we need them to be reliable. So what happens if they get wet? What does it actually mean if our pump has been described as “waterproof”? And what can we do if …

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