An official Position Statement on DIY diabetes technology!

In major news yesterday, Diabetes Australia published their Position Statement on DIY technology solutions!
Why is this major news? Partly because it’s a world first!

Essentially it’s a recognition that although these solutions have not gone through standardised testing and been given approval by the medical regulators, they exist and are being used.
The medical community can’t recommend these solutions without regulatory approval, but they do need to recognise that some patients can and will choose to build and use them, and should support those people!

Read it for yourself!

The Looping Symposium

During the first day of the 2018 Australasian Diabetes Congress in Adelaide, I was one of the speakers in a symposium talking about DIY diabetes technology (and specifically “looping”). The congress is full of endocrinologists and diabetes educators, and we did our best to present a concise introduction for health care professionals (HCPs) many of whom are new to the concepts.

We titled the symposium “The Brave New World of Diabetes Technology – #TheyAreNotWaiting”

The three speakers are all people with Type 1 Diabetes who are actively “looping”, and were:

  • Renza Scibilia (Diabetogenic) talking about “the user experience”,
  • David Burren (me!) talking about the technology we use to build loop systems,
  • and Cheryl Steele (a CDE) talking about how HCPs can interact with patients who choose to use these systems.

And yes, we recorded the symposium for you! This is the first rough edit of an iPhone video, cutting it down to 80 minutes. We’ll see if we can clean it up and possibly put some of the surrounding material in also.


Before the Q&A session at the end of the symposium we set aside time for Diabetes Australia’s launch of their DIY tech position statement, and it certainly added to the discussion!

I’m very proud to have been a part of this process!

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