JDRF Type One Summit – Melbourne

On Sunday the 11th of November (Remembrance Day) JDRF is running a Type One diabetes summit in Melbourne. Anyone can attend ($20 for adult tickets, children free) and it’s at the Sheraton Hotel. For program details and tickets visit the JDRF site.

Why am I telling you about this? I probably won’t be attending the seminars, as I’ll be one of the people manning a booth in the “information stations”. A group calling itself simply “Aussie Loopers” will be there all day. This includes me. We’re planning on having examples of AndroidAPS, Loop, and OpenAPS being used.

We’ll also be demonstrating the use of Nightscout for monitoring a family member’s CGM and pump alarms via the internet using a “regular” pump system.

Come along and talk with people who live with closed-loop pump systems every day to manage their Type 1 Diabetes. We’ll each be happy to chat!

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