ADC 2019 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Australasian Diabetes Congress didn’t have many new technology announcements, but it did involve lots more presentations. Many more than I was able to attend.

I’ve already reported on the Ypsomed announcement of new infusion set options.

The other highlights for me included:

  • A masterclass on some of the issues with including fat and protein in meal dosing decisions, with ways of managing the extra insulin requirements and timing.
  • The KeepSight program, where you can simply register for reminders to help you organise your regular eye examinations (unfortunately an essential task with diabetes).
  • A panel session run by consumers, discussing how health professionals can improve their interactions with their patients.

Frank Sita has also posted some of his impressions from Day 2.

There’s one more day to go. It’s not a full day, but we’ll see what eventuates!

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