Please lend your voice to the call for CGM access for all

My friends who live in Australia, please consider signing this petition!

As someone who’s lived with Type 1 Diabetes most of my life, I know from first-hand experience that Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices are one of our best tools for managing diabetes and reducing overall costs to the healthcare system. It’s one of the core technologies used by the closed-loop pump system I use for example. I could not maintain the glucose control that I do without using CGM.

CGM is already funded in Australia for kids and people with health concession cards, but the rest of us still have to pay out of pocket. And the costs are significant. There are CGM devices from three manufacturers currently approved, so there is at least some user-choice. If you’re eligible.

Please click through to the petition and add your name to the list. The petition closes on the 10th of February 2021, so please don’t delay!

The more people sign the petition the better our chances of getting action from the politicians.
Thank you!

Below is a 15-minute video containing lots of detail and testimonials about the importance of CGM in the lives of those of us lucky enough to be able to access it.

2 thoughts on “Please lend your voice to the call for CGM access for all”

  1. I didn’t get notification of this petition until Feb. 15, too late to sign the petition.
    Pharmaceutical & medical companies are only in the Diabetic equipment supply chain to make money.
    They don’t care about the struggle Diabetics have to stay alive whether it be financially or emotionally.
    I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 52 years so please understand I have had many experiences to support this statement.

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