Adjunctive therapies

As people living with Type 1 Diabetes we’re used to the concepts of dosing ourselves with insulin and how that interacts with food, exercise, and our BG levels. It can be very convoluted, with many subtle factors sometimes having significant effect on our BG. But is the world as straightforward as “only” striving for perfect …

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It’s not always diabetes

It’s sometimes fascinating, living with chronic medical conditions. Note that in a medical context “chronic” refers to “long-term” rather than “severe”. It can be a mental challenge, and admittedly “fascinating” is not a term that everybody would choose for it. It’s all about probability With diabetes in particular, we often hear about it putting us …

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A complicated topic

What are “diabetes complications”?┬áThis is a term I have real problems with: it’s misleading, and has unfortunate impacts on everyone. I tend to think of there not actually being any such thing as a “diabetes complication”. There’s usually nothing “diabetic” about health complications. What are people referring to? Basically, at a crude level it’s about …

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