A complicated topic

What are “diabetes complications”? This is a term I have real problems with: it’s misleading, and has unfortunate impacts on everyone. I tend to think of there not actually being any such thing as a “diabetes complication”. There’s usually nothing “diabetic” about health complications. What are people referring to? Basically, at a crude level it’s about …

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“Tight control” – what does it mean?

Recently I spent a day participating in a training course for endocrinology registrars (i.e. doctors). It was the Practical Skills Course for Endocrinology & General Medicine Advanced Trainees run by the Australian Diabetes Society. I’ve participated in this course for several years now. I was there as a consumer/demonstrator to help educate the attendees on things like …

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Living with a disease

Language is a funny thing. We use it every day to communicate with each other, and there are many nuances to the way we use various words. Some words are simple and inherently positive (such as “health” and “happiness”) although some (e.g. “gay”) have taken on extra associations over time. Other words have negative connotations: …

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