Carrying CR2032 batteries

We use many devices today that rely on batteries. Some of them rechargeable, some not. For essential equipment like BG meters, carrying spares is important! As well as in things like kitchen scales (useful for carb-counting food) the CR2032 “button cells” are used in many BG meters today. I’ve been caught out in the past …

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Connected BG meters

Blood glucose meters are an essential tool for anyone with diabetes. Even those of us using Continuous Glucose Monitors need to manually check every now and then (e.g. to regularly calibrate the CGM). I’ve used many different meters over the years, but this isn’t going to be a history lesson. It’s more about some of today’s …

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Until the Freestyle Libre glucose monitors arrived in Australia in mid-2016 I had been monitoring my sugar levels by taking drops of blood (usually from my fingertips) multiple times a day and using a BG meter. But I was conscious that this didn’t give me the complete picture of what was going on during the …

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