Month: October 2017

Connected BG meters

Blood glucose meters are an essential tool for anyone with diabetes. Even those of us using Continuous Glucose Monitors need to manually check every now and then (e.g. to regularly calibrate the CGM). I’ve used many different meters over the years, but this isn’t going to be a history lesson. It’s more about some of today’s …

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Not your average pump

“My friend’s kid has one of those.” Not an unusual reaction if I describe my closed-loop insulin system to someone without diabetes. They’ve heard about insulin pumps, and not unreasonably assume that they take a lot of the work away by automatically adjusting the insulin dose as required. Because that seems an obvious application of …

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Step up Roche!

Insulin pumps are life-sustaining devices that we live with 24 hours a day, so we become quite invested in them. We all live different lives, and our needs (and tastes) in insulin pumps vary. With this week’s announcement that Animas has shut down in the US/Canada, there are obvious clouds on the horizon for Australian …

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Animas pumps are going away!

Big press release news from the US today. Johnson & Johnson have decided to close down their Animas pump business! The change is effective immediately in the US & Canada. They’ll still be supporting existing pumps under warranty but sales have been discontinued, and they’re promoting Medtronic as a migration path for their customers. Apparently …

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NDSS updates

We were expecting to see updates to the NDSS supplies list as of October 1, but they haven’t come to pass! The NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme) is an Australian government-funded service which provides subsidised diabetes consumables. The latest insulin pump being introduced in Australia is from Cellnovo, and they had been making a lot …

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35 years old

No, I’m not 35 years old today. But my diabetes is! Actually, it’s the anniversary of my diagnosis and hospital admission in 1982. I presumably had diabetes for a while before that, but October 2 is the date that means something. But it’s not a date I’ve paid a lot of attention to over the years. …

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