Filling the fridge with drugs

One thing I forgot to take into account when signing up for the coeliac vaccine clinical trial was how much space it was going to need in my fridge! I’ve been visiting my local hospital since February, and today advanced to the stage where I give myself the injections at home.

So I was sent home with a cooler full of autoinjectors (BD Physioject if anyone cares) to keep in the fridge. They need to be stored between 2-8˚C. Of course I’m already familiar with this as that’s the same as my insulin, but this is taking up a lot more room in the fridge!

Mind you, for all I know at the moment these autoinjectors might be filled with placebo. Time will tell.

There’s also a bunch of other paraphernalia such as sharps containers (all the used injectors need to be accounted for in the trial protocol).

1 thought on “Filling the fridge with drugs”

  1. Thanks for the update, I know a lot of us are following this trial in hope of relief. It does seem like a lot but if you are type 1 as well then you are used to the needles I guess, although no one would want more.
    Good luck with the trial, I am hoping it goes well as my kids are coeliac and they are hopeful of a cure eventually.

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