Another DIY diabetes tech get-together

This weekend I’m going to be in Adelaide (in South Australia) meeting up with some of the locals involved in using DIY technology for their diabetes management.

On Saturday the 18th of May we’re having an afternoon session at the Adelaide City Libraries [Facebook] where I’ll be running a Q&A session demonstrating some of the ins and outs of using various tools: from custom Android builds for looping phones, to using autotune to review your pump’s settings.
Yes, that’s the day of the Federal Election.

On Sunday there’s another session (at a different location) where people will be building their own loops [Facebook]. Whether they’re building OpenAPS, Loop, or AndroidAPS, there will be experienced loopers (including me) on hand to share our past experience in building our own loops.

Want to join us?

If you’re interested in coming along to these events, follow the links above to the “event” listings within Facebook (if you really can’t access Facebook just drop me a line via this site’s Contact link).

It’s great to see people around the country (and the world) banding together and supporting each other in improving their lives and health! I’m honoured to be able to help.

Late in June there will also be an all-day looping build meet in Docklands (Melbourne).


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