Month: October 2019

AndroidAPS 2.5

This week an update to the AndroidAPS open source looping software was released, and it brings some significant new features. The version number has progressed from the previous 2.3 to 2.5.0. One major new function is support for all the same Medtronic pumps as supported by OpenAPS. Using a 916 MHz RileyLink (exactly as used …

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Revisiting the topic of filling pump cannulae

I’ve recently been using Medtronic Quick-set infusion sets with my pump, and made a surprising discovery which I’ll get to below. But first some introduction: Insulin pump users will be familiar with the advice that teflon cannulae should be replaced every 3 days (steel cannulae every 2 days) to avoid long-term damage such as lipohypertrophy …

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Little man

37 years of diabetes

Today is my “diaversary”: the anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and was rushed off to hospital in DKA. That is, diabetic ketoacidosis: being on the brink of death. Thankfully I haven’t had any DKA events since. To some people it may seem strange to celebrate the day I was …

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Another insulin – October 2019

In the October update to the Australian PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme), another insulin arrived today. Well, sort of. The addition is Semglee, which is a “biosimilar equivalent” to Lantus. Like Lantus it’s insulin glargine. Lantus is one of the commonly-used long-acting (or “basal”) insulin used for daily injections. It’s been around for years (I used …

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