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I’ve just had a 5-page article published in the March/April 2021 edition of Australian Diabetic Living. This is under the Better Homes and Gardens umbrella, and probably available in a supermarket near you.

The master copy is online though

It’s a re-hash of my article here which describes the pumps currently available in the Australian market, and because the article on this website is updated several times a year (and contains info which was edited out of the magazine) I do find myself saying that if you’re reading this on the website then you probably don’t need to read the version that’s in the magazine! The online one is always the latest.

Back to the mag…

Don’t let that stop you supporting the magazine though. I’ve read it for the past year or so and overall think it’s a fair repository of info, although rarely with anything approaching the technical detail I find myself working in. As someone with coeliac disease, I do like it that there are decent meal recipes in there identified as gluten-free!

Even though it’s a relatively big article, my piece doesn’t actually rate a mention on the front cover. But you’ll find it listed in the contents inside the cover, and starting on page 82.┬áIt’s probably a lot more technical than the magazine’s usual content, which is targeted at people with all types of diabetes, not just Type 1. But hopefully it gives more people knowledge about their pump choices (which is why I wrote the original version of the online article after all).

Most authors will understand that working with external editors is always a challenge of course. I must admit was a little disappointed that the image of the YpsoPump seems to have ended up on the cutting-room floor for example. But life goes on!

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  1. Thank you so much. I am currently looking for an alternative to Medtronic which I have used for 12 years.

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