Art competitions and diabetes

World Diabetes Day is coming up in mid-November, and as usual there are lots of activities planned around the globe.

One of them is “This Is Diabetes“, a photo/art competition being run by Ascensia Diabetes Care (the people behind the Contour BG meters and Eversense CGM).

They’re looking for images illustrating the importance of Access to Diabetes Care: Education to Protect Tomorrow, which is the official theme of the World Diabetes Day 2022 campaign selected by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

My recent photos

My own professional background has included being a photographer. Mainly of the natural world. But over the last few years of pandemic I’ve not been getting out to many exotic locations. Last month I did manage to get away for a long weekend with fellow photographers, and it was reinvigorating. True to form I produced many images, but I’ll only bore you with 3 here.

First of all there’s a portrait of three honeyeaters which I shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mk.IV and 600mm lens. I got many images of individual birds, but when these guys started interacting it was a bit special.

Yellow-plumed Honeyeaters, Hattah-Kulkyne NP

But I didn’t spend as much time with my big cameras as I typically would on these trips. I did spend quite a bit of time exploring with a different (and much smaller) camera. Here are two images I made with a DJI Mini 2 drone over Lake Tyrrell in Victoria’s Mallee country.

Follow the chain. Lake Tyrrell at sunset
Lake Tyrrell aerial

YOUR art!

However I don’t these images quite suit the This Is Diabetes competition.
If you have photos and other artwork that might “illustrate the importance of Access to Diabetes Care: Education to Protect Tomorrow“, head on over to this year’s photo comp and consider submitting it.

If you check the Ts & Cs carefully (which creatives always should for things like this) you’ll notice that you’ll be granting rights to use the artwork “for advertising, trade and promotional purposes in connection with the Competition“. That doesn’t seem unreasonable for the chance to:

  • Be part of global diabetes advocacy efforts,
  • Move people with your artwork,
  • Maybe get kudos and bragging rights as the winner or runner-up, and
    give up to £6000 to your selected diabetes charity!

Entries close at the end of October!


I’m not involved in the competition directly, but I am part of the team of diabetes advocates who are helping Ascensia as members of the editorial board for their diabetes blog. But more news on that in the coming months.

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