Tandem pumps in Australia are changing

The t:lock connector is being introduced to Australia. Originally Tandem insulin pumps used the standard luer-lock connector for its infusion sets, meaning they could use the same infusion sets used by pumps such as Animas, Cozmo, Accu-Chek Combo. Then in 2017 Tandem introduced their own t:lock connector, and a whole set of new infusion sets …

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Filling a cannula

As an insulin pump user, when we insert a new cannula we usually need to tell the pump to “fill” it to ensure that insulin deliveries are accurate. After rewinding and priming the pump reservoir and filling the tubing, the cannula is inserted into the skin. The teflon cannula starts off with an introducer needle down …

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Cleo 90 infusion set – forgotten but not gone?

The Cleo 90 is an infusion set for insulin pumps which is available through Australia’s NDSS, but seems to have been forgotten by many people. Since 2010 I’ve used a variety of infusion sets with my pumps. The Animas Inset II (and the equivalent Medtronic Mio) and the Animas Comfort (and the matching Medtronic Silhouette). …

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