Revisiting the topic of filling pump cannulae

I’ve recently been using Medtronic Quick-set infusion sets with my pump, and made a surprising discovery which I’ll get to below. But first some introduction: Insulin pump users will be familiar with the advice that teflon cannulae should be replaced every 3 days (steel cannulae every 2 days) to avoid long-term damage such as lipohypertrophy …

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Animas finally going away

Animas is finally disappearing from Australia, and not only Vibe users will be affected. This article lists many important and urgent pieces of information for users of Animas Vibe, Tandem t:slim X2, and Accu-Chek Combo pumps. History In 2017 we heard that Animas was leaving the insulin pump market (being closed down by its parent …

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Tandem pumps in Australia are changing

The t:lock connector is being introduced to Australia. Originally Tandem insulin pumps used the standard luer-lock connector for its infusion sets, meaning they could use the same infusion sets used by pumps such as Animas, Cozmo, Accu-Chek Combo. Then in 2017 Tandem introduced their own t:lock connector, and a whole set of new infusion sets …

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