That time the Wookiee DIDN’T become more Bionic

As I wrote last month I was recently diagnosed with atheroschlerosis, with two partial blockages in arteries around my heart. Although my lipid profile has always been regarded as “low risk”, something developed at some point over the past years. Without having a heart attack, these narrowings were discovered by non-invasive testing (starting with a stress …

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Is your BOB ready?

What’s a BOB you ask? It’s a Bug-Out Bag, containing almost all the essentials if you need to leave your house. It’s a term popularised by the survivalist crowd, but it can also be an important tool for people living with Type 1 Diabetes. Consider a couple of possible scenarios: You’re involved in an accident and end …

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Medical ID jewellery

For many years I’ve worn a pendant with basic medical alert info. On the rear it has printed some simple text: INSULIN T1 DIABETES ALLERGY: PENICILLIN It was a careful compromise with the space available. I had to decide which bits of information were essential, and useful for emergency workers to know if I was …

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