Month: June 2018

What’s a container of insulin called?

Insulin is supplied in three forms of container: Vials. Usually containing 10 ml each. Pen cartridges. Usually containing 3 ml each. Novo calls these “PenFill”: that is trademarked and not appropriate for other makes. Pre-filled disposable pens. Again usually containing 3 ml each. Insulin pumps have an internal reservoir that needs to be replaced/refilled every …

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When is a 670G not a 670G?

Most people interested in insulin pumps will by now be aware of the Medtronic 670G pump (sometimes mistakenly labelled as an “artificial pancreas”). This pump is the first commercial pump with basic hybrid closed-loop functionality, and was released in the US in 2017. There has been much discussion of when the 670G will be coming …

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