March/April looping survey

In December 2017 an online survey of Australian loopers (people using closed-loop insulin pump therapy) was run, and the results were eventually published in the Journal of Internal Medicine in November 2018. It identified at least 20 people using DIY loop systems. In September 2018 a simpler survey was done via this website, and the results were published in October. It identified at least 65 loopers.

Each time a poll has been taken we’ve been aware of still more people who didn’t partake in the survey, but each time the numbers are bigger. The looping population is definitely growing, and hopefully each time we’re also missing fewer people in the surveys.

A new survey!

Now it’s time for another survey. And this time we’ve included details for New Zealanders!

Please, if you are using (or considering using) a closed-loop pump system in Australia or NZ, have your say now! The poll will be open until the 12th of April 2019.

Just like last September’s poll, the results will be summarised here. The results from the poll will also be shared with Nightscout NZ.

Take the survey now

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