Month: August 2019

Medical ID jewellery

For many years I’ve worn a pendant with basic medical alert info. On the rear it has printed some simple text: INSULIN T1 DIABETES ALLERGY: PENICILLIN It was a careful compromise with the space available. I had to decide which bits of information were essential, and useful for emergency workers to know if I was …

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BG graph scales

Our glucose data (whether it’s BG samples or CGM data) can be displayed in many ways. We can see a simple graph, a “spaghetti graph”, a percentile (AGP) graph, etc. These are all useful in different ways, but all I’m going to talk about here is the vertical scale on these graphs. Many of us …

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Animas finally going away

Animas is finally disappearing from Australia, and not only Vibe users will be affected. This article lists many important and urgent pieces of information for users of Animas Vibe, Tandem t:slim X2, and Accu-Chek Combo pumps. History In 2017 we heard that Animas was leaving the insulin pump market (being closed down by its parent …

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