Carrying CR2032 batteries

We use many devices today that rely on batteries. Some of them rechargeable, some not. For essential equipment like BG meters, carrying spares is important! As well as in things like kitchen scales (useful for carb-counting food) the CR2032 “button cells” are used in many BG meters today. I’ve been caught out in the past …

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Tegaderm Film 1624W

The Libre glucose sensor is fairly robust, but is only rated for 30 minutes in the water and only less than a metre deep. Here’s how I improve on that. In April 2017 I was travelling in Papua New Guinea aboard a small ship on a scouting trip investigating a future photography workshop destination. We …

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Dual cannulas

Those of us who use insulin pumps are very used to dealing with cannulas. The pump is connected by tubing to a cannula inserted into the skin. We have to replace this cannula with a fresh one every 2-3 days (both to avoid infections and to stop insulin absorption slowing down). Everyone using a pump …

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